Juliana Sie I Ketut Sumada


Background: Chorea Sydenham is an involuntary movement disorder due to an autoimmune process. But we must keep precaution that Sydenham chorea is part of rheumatic fever symptoms. Tthorough and complete examination is needed to create the right diagnose. This will support the success of therapy and prevent other complications.

Case: 18-year-old woman was hospitalized with complaints of involuntary movement on the left side accompanied by fever, breathing problem, and nausea. Motoric weakness, tremor or other involuntary movement are not found. ASTO and CRP results were increased. The patient was consulted with cardiologist and has mild mitral regurgitation on echocardiograph. Those exams results are included in the criteria for diagnosing rheumatic fever and can be given the right therapy.

Discussion: Chorea Sydenham can’t threaten patient’s life immediately. But if the examination and therapy are given incorrect, it will cause other severe complications. That is because Chorea Sydenham is part of autoimmune process which can cause other organs complication.

Conclusion: Chorea Sydenham is one of the symptoms of rheumatic fever. So that a thorough and proper examination is needed to create early diagnosis. This will support the provision of therapy and accelerate the recovery of patients.

Keywords: Sydenham Chorea, Rheumatic Fever, Symptoms, Diagnostic Criteria